Thursday, January 28, 2010

Done fishing!

ok its been a minute, but im can now follow me on Twitter, as well as Face book.

Monday, January 5, 2009

17 to 30 in a Half

17 to 30 in a half sounds more like the score in a football game, but in fact it was the amount of people added to an imprompto wedding reception in half hour.....that is half hour before they were to show up....gangster! Aftertaking over the joint ( i really didnt mind because they did come to eat) .....and after doing so, there was the usual wedding fair...everything but the dance. A fitting way to end 2008....cheers to young newly weds!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Whats Brooklyn Moon without Stars

Had a likkle visit from some of my favorite peeps ...can you tell me who they are? love the teeth, the smile, the grace...Rene Neufille....look out for her lastest albulm....pictured with producer Sharese Bullock...fall back...theyre taken!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Hour Specials

Get lifted for a whole lot less....specials on well drinks, martinis, cosmos, margaritas, wine and beer...daily from 5pm till 8 pm Tuesday thru Friday... whether its a destination or a starter kit Brooklyn Moon's happy hour will definitely get you there. Pictured are two of Brooklyn Moons lovely regulars...catch em if you can :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Menu and contact info

Here it is...Brooklyn Moons first online crazy and its only been fifteen years. ok you wanna give us a call 718 855 7149...our address is 745 Fulton st..between So. Portland and So. Elliott...You can take most trains to Atlantic ave....or C train to Lafayette ave.. Its almost time for Bush to step down out of've gotta change the name of the Anti Bush Menu.....Ive come up with a few ...The Adios Bush menu, The Baraka Bailout,...or The Ft Greene a better one,..let me know..itll earn you a meal or two on the house.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Election Night

For those of you who were there (Bklyn Moon) Tues night Nov 4 2008,...or anywhere else in America..that night and were awake at the 0f time of the election results, more than likely you had the time of your lives I know we sure did. The restaurant was set up presidential style... with white roses, a ton of blue balloons, champagne flowing, and and red carpet bizness to boot. The evening was well attended early on while those who dined and drank monitored the results on a giant screen television. The event which was hosted by Brooklyn Moon and, soon escalated into party like atmosphere at the moment the announcement of the next President elect,....there was screaming, chanting, crying, laughter, dancing, not to mention the feeling of disbelief. I cant quite remember the last time I've heard of the whole world celebrating over election results...that's outside of the McCain supporters of course....have you?... this is a crazy...the man is bigger than Michael Jackson...and in such a short space of time. In my opinion he's already done enough...even if he screws up both terms ( and we all know that's not gonna happen). How wonderful is it that children of color now have that final frontier in their grasp...ain't life grand!

Look out for the Obama tshirt...its gonna be hot....the attached pic was taken just as the event started...wish you were there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

as most of you should know, Brooklyn Moon is a restaurant/ bar in lovely Ft. Greene Brooklyn...745 Fulton st. to be exact. we opened Jan 95 as a coffee bar...the first ever in the area thought to be primitive due to its lack of amenities. although the infrastructure left alot to be desired..... people did live there...good people, and it was these people that helped influence my decision on making Fulton st. where i dug in.chocolate hollywood as ft greene was referred to in the mid ninetys was home to, as well as gave birth to many artist, models, actors, deisgners etc and everything else anybody ever wanted to be. Brooklyn Moon was a home to anyone looking to work on their craft....but on any given friday evening you could catch the likes of Chris Rock, Mos Def, or Donnell Rawlings hosting,...Eryka Badu, Talib, Common ( when he used to rock the cowboy hat), Saul Williams, Mums, or Vanessa Willaims performing, ....the names go on....but as you know.. all good things eventually become beautiful memories. lets make some more....shall we.